Physical Therapy in Surfside Beach, SC

Therapy Testimonials

Therapy Testimonials

Physical Therapy in Surfside Beach, SC

“My wife and I have each been to both of their offices and have had GREAT experiences. Dr. Tony and his staff have helped us with migraine headaches, back/shourlder pain, and a knee problem. Every time we’ve been there, we have left feeling much better than when we started and haven’t needed many visits to clear things up. Their staff is very friendly and they’ve always been able to fit us in when we’ve been in real pain. They are also very timely, which is very important to me. What a great practice!”

Kevin Schafehen

“Great staff and I feel great! After seeing Tony I’ve been up and running again. Tony is very good at making sure everything is in the right places! I highly recommend them.”

Bob Hohman

“Have been seeing them on and off for ten years. Efficient, therapy is good and dry needling helps. Dr. Tony is great..Zac is great to work with as well.”


“Great therapy, great people who care about your recovery. Excellent environment, will always recommend!”

Beth Allen

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